07 Mar

Needless to say, the year 2020 will remain etched in our memories for years to come. The basic social nature of human beings was countered, tested and how! Undoubtedly, the belief through generations that trying times leads an individual to a path of self-discovery was reaffirmed. Our foundations were shaken definitely, but we also learnt to value them even more, food being one of them. 

And then there was this glimmer of hope - towards the latter half of 2020, when there came about a booming trend in Helsingborg - that of fresh home-cooked authentic Indian food. Now there are generous food options that can suit everyone’s preferences, so much so, that it feels like a never-ending festival! What a blessing it has been! And since we are celebrating Women’s Day, it stands to reason that the powerhouses behind most of those food ventures are women.

For these enterprising women of Helsingborg, by successfully and perhaps unconsciously building something beyond a network i.e. an Indian food Ecosystem, they have addressed a glaring gap in our society. Let’s congratulate and celebrate their diligence and zest for taking their passion to the next level. 

Read their stories by clicking on links below:

Cook n Bite (Neha Taneja)

Chatori Mithaas (Samata Mishra)

Eat Healthy (Nirmala Ashok)

Indisk Takeaways (Urmi Nimesh Bhate)

Maha's Tasty Treats (Mahalakshmi Senthilkumar)

Prachi's Rasoi (Prachi Tiwari)

Written By: Pallavi Panicker for Indians Tillsammans

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