07 Mar

Hi! I am Samata Mishra.
I am from Rajasthan. My father is an educator and my mother is a homemaker. I graduated with a Masters in Home Science and Sanskrit language. Before marriage I  was a teacher. In January of 2019, I moved to Sweden to join my husband for an IT assignment.

About her love for food

I have always loved cooking. I learnt cooking at first from my mother and then later during my Home Science assignments by experimenting with new dishes. I always loved to plate up something new for my family and friends back in India but when I moved to Sweden I could spread my wings even further. Being a vegetarian, lesser food options or authentic Indian spices was challenging. But, I took this as an opportunity to try out different varieties of foods/sweets/chaats to ensure that my kids don’t miss out on relishing vegetarian food as we did back in India. In that my husband, my kids and my friends have been my strongest support system.


About Chatori Mithaas - her new food venture & beyond

I started my new venture Chatori Mithaas that offers Indian sweets and savouries. I want to take my love for food to the next level by learning newer vegetarian dishes and even combining them with Swedish staples. I want to learn Swedish to socialize and communicate better. I love talking to people and I hope to continue to make more friends.

Message for Women's Day 

First of all I want to say Happy International Women's Day to all lovely women. On this occasion, I wish to say that just follow your dreams. Live your life in the present to the fullest and find positivity even in negative circumstances.

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