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The Story

A random afternoon in June 2018, when a very nostalgic Pallavi expressed her love for Garba and an enthusiastic Tripti just said - Why don't we do it?

That was all that was needed to start Indians Tillsammans - a non-profit cultural initiative (edit: 18th July 2019, we are officially a non-profit organisation registered with Skatteverket - Swedish Tax Board) to bind Indians in Helsingborg from different walks of life and undivided by caste, sex or religion in community activities and festivals where an individual's passion is valued above everything else.

As we grow beyond defined molds of individuality in this multicultural world, being grounded by cultural roots expands opportunities to newer perceptions especially for the next generation. 'Tillsammans' means together in Swedish and is representative of extending our authentic cultural goodness to all our Swedish friends. The fun factor is for everyone!

Varsågoda & Namaste.