07 Mar

Hi! I am Prachi Tiwari
I am from the city of Taj Mahal - Agra. I come from a business family. I moved to Sweden in October 2018 with my husband and kids. This was possible when my husband got deputed to work from a client’s  location in Hyllie.

About Prachi's Rasoi

In Helsingborg, I run a home kitchen which caters food for small parties and provides combos, sweet savouries, tiffins etc. Before Helsingborg, I ran a  food catering business for more than 5 years in India. I nurtured my love for food into a food business due to my curiosity to learn new things and my husband's passion for good food. Later we realized that we can convert our passion into a serious business.
Through my business, I can connect to a lot of new people who love food. Their positive feedback, satisfaction from homemade restaurant style hygienic food keeps me going.I try to bring pure authentic flavors in my preparations and when this is resonated by customers, that is the best thing that I love about being in this business. And again, this allows me to earn my own money too.
Running a home kitchen here comes with a few challenges. I need to single handedly manage everything from purchase to sales while maintaining high food quality standards and taking necessary hygiene and safety measures always. And all of that while ensuring that food is healthy and tasty as well within a nominal affordable price! Preparing good food is an art and needs a lot of creativity and involvement.
For the future of my business, I believe that organic growth in a controlled environment is important. In the long run, without compromise on quality, quantity and affordability.

Environment Factors
Sweden provides an opportunity rich environment for everyone. However there are lot of processes which need to be followed too before you can start your ventures legally. This takes some additional time for approvals etc. If you know Swedish language, it certainly helps.

Message for Women's Day

The Nurturing, Caring, Mother, Wife, The Passionate, Exciting Vamp (sometimes😀),Romantic,Dreamer and Loyal Friend that is a WOMAN.
Make time for nurturing and passion (and romance too😀). Follow your goals and let nothing stop you. Find opportunities and live your dream.
Respect all your inner womanly strength and values.
Be proud of your self - the way you are and see truly what an amazing woman you are🥰

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