06 Mar

Indians Tillsammans was born out of a need to embrace melting cultural boundaries. While culturally, as individuals, we feel empowered -  that should not limit us from exposing ourselves and being open to other cultures as well. Acceptance can be a beautiful thing. So for our Women's Day 2020 series we start with the spirit that Indians Tillsammans primarily stands for - boundless celebrations across defined boundaries. 

Naziya was one of the most enthusiastic and committed participant of all the festivities and dance sessions of our Helsingborg Navratri event last year. She unconsciously demonstrated a promise for the perfect community that respects all cultural and religious faiths. Given the unfortunate clash of cultural and religious identities that beautiful India is experiencing currently due to misplaced political agendas, Naziya's story just has to be shared. Give it up for our first super woman - Naziya!

Your name and where in India are you from?

Naziya Ameer from Bengaluru India

How long have you lived in Helsingborg?

From 2017 to 2019, I have lived here for a period of 6 to 10 months each year and lived in Germany in between as well.

How do you find Helsingborg in comparison to your stay in other European cities?

Helsingborg is calm and peaceful compared to other places. It has a beautiful landscape and sea view and everything is very near and approachable. All in all, I got a very Eternal feeling here. On the other hand, comparatively, I found Sweden a bit expensive.

What could be better here in Helsingborg?
Most of the things are perfect here for Scandinavian lifestyle , only improvement area would be Metro services within South Skåne which i didn't find any. For the Indian community in Helsingborg, a sincere advise is to try to respect and maintain the cleanliness and aura of this beautiful city and try to spread best Indian values among the people around you and don't let India down in any manner in-front of others.

The Helsingborg Navaratri 2019 Event experience
I am the most secular person as far as people know me and want to interact with interesting people as much as possible. I was interested in cultural activities from my schooldays. I am very much inclined towards dance, hence the Helsingborg Navratri Dandiya festivities attracted me very much and gave an opportunity to meet and spend time with most wonderful people in Helsingborg. The practice sessions were so good and of-course the people involved in the festivities of Navratri 2019, I couldn't stop myself from this wonderful event and hope to join such wonderful events in future.

My Motivation

Helping others, learning new things and  working well as part of a team. And Yes, i would love to come back with family and spend more time here in Helsingborg.

Message to Fellow Women

Respect and Trust yourselves, Follow your dreams, Be confident and Independent. Don't get fascinated by materialistic things and don't compromise with your self identity any time.

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