08 Mar

This. Feature. Also. Covers. Food. 

Because we just can’t have enough!

Yes, this feature is also related to food but it is also about reiterating and highlighting to many Indian women that one can follow their dreams, do what they love to do and be in complete harmony with their passion no matter where are. Most of the Indian women that we know, took a break in their careers and moved to Sweden to join their partners. However, in this digital age we can make the best use of tools that surround us to independently pursue what we wish to, be a little creative with them all the while nurturing and working towards bigger aspirations. Social media influencers - a new age career choice is a fast growing one  in today’s digitalized world. We are seeing increasingly, that social media platforms are used as a medium for expression and as an opportunity to engage the audience by any topic under the sun.

The two women featured here are social media influencers / YouTubers who consistently share recipes of their food creations through their respective social media channels with unwavering dedication. While this isn’t their professional route per se, they are cultivating a discipline by investing in their hobby, donning another hat of digital go getters with pride and conviction. Here are Bhakti Joshi-Dastane  (Bhakti's Kitchen) & Swapna Nilesh Telang (What's cooking Swapna?).

Read on to know their journeys.

Bhakti Joshi-Dastane (Bhakti's Kitchen)

Swapna Nilesh Telang (What's Cooking Swapna?)

Written By: Pallavi Panicker for Indians Tillsammans
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