08 Mar

I am Swapna Nilesh Telang. I come from Mumbai. I have worked as a HR professional in Mumbai. I moved to Sweden since August 2016 because of husband's work assignment. I am a Homemaker now.

About her YouTube/Blogging journey

I started making cooking videos out of fun. It was my son who used to make some vlogs when he was 8. So one day he wanted to shoot what I was cooking for him, and that's how it started.
When we came to Sweden we stayed in Lund. Back then there weren't any Indian shops around to provide us our Desi veggies. Everything I had to shop and cook was from the local supermarket. Initially, I was fascinated with the veggies found around but slowly I started missing Ghar ka khana. I always wanted that taste and flavors from back home.I already had a facebook cooking page in my name known as What's cooking Swapna. So I was writing recipes before coming to Sweden. Later, I started experimenting. Mostly local food with Indian flavors.
In this way I could manage filming some or writing recipes.

About her love for food/cooking

I had always been passionate about cooking. I like to be more creative with food. Being creative with flavors, colors and aromas.

Her hope for the future
My hopes are someday I grow with my culinary skills and have my own space to serve people.

Message for Women's Day

Feel special, unique and on top of the world. It's your day! Happy Women's Day!

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