08 Mar

My name is Bhakti and I come from Mumbai ( Originally from Vadodara, Gujarat). I am a passionate cook at Bhakti's Kitchen (Bhakti's Kitchen - YouTube). I moved to Sweden in October 2017 with my husband for his project work. Before that I was working as a Human Resource professional in India in the IT sector.

About her Inspiration & Support System

I have worked in the corporate world for around 12 years but my passion for cooking never faded. The first person I was inspired to cook from was my father as my mother was a working woman and would finish her daily chores before I woke up in the morning. Hence, I always accompanied my father in the kitchen and observed how he would use a particular ingredient in a particular way. Later, I moved to Pune for work and would learn the recipes over the phone from my mother who too was an amazing cook. The second person who inspired me in cooking was my husband who belongs to Konkan and is an avid cook and a great support in my Youtube Journey. My In-laws always encouraged me in making a cooking channel (Bhakti's Kitchen) and gave me suggestions in making videos. My brother played a vital role. I dream to have a small Chai cafe where people can enjoy Masala/Elaichi Chai with Bun maska and Pakoras.

Environment Factors

Easily available Fresh Veggies, Fruits, Dairy products and grocery from several countries is an advantage of being Sweden. Limited Natural Light is the only challenge while shooting recipes during Winters.

Message for Women's Day

Never underestimate cooking by considering it just as a daily chore and not an Art. Take out some time for yourself from your busy routine and pursue your passion be it art, sport or music.

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