02 Jan

Amidst the chaos, amidst the fun and amidst all our hopes - Indians Tillsammans has been privileged to have connected with people who have enriched our endeavours with their unending support and unique collaborations. As we enter 2022, we would like to take this opportunity to launch our new SPOTLIGHT series called C.O.N.N.E.C.T, where we showcase the person behind the name and the association. People who are dreamers and doers!

We begin this series with Vidhi Sharma. Vidhi was the first official photographer of our Navratri 2019 event. She has been a pioneer  within the Indian community in the south of Sweden - being the first Indian woman (perhaps even first Indian) to launch her photography business, manifesting her passion into a wonderful reality! Let's connect with Vidhi to know more.

I am...

My name is Vidhi Sharma and I am a Delhite from India currently based in Lund Sweden, with my husband and 5 year old daughter. I have a keen interest in photography and I am glad that I had the courage to follow my heart and start my own photography business, which can provide me financial support and happiness at the same time. That’s what drove me to study and practice it professionally.

Moving to Sweden

I am living in Sweden since last 7 years now, with a break of one year in between. We came here since my husband got an assignment in Sweden, and then I also started my own venture later on. It has been good to be in Sweden and now it feels like our second home.

About her business venture

I have a photography business named Vidhi Sharma Photography. I work as a professional photographer dealing mainly in Maternity, Family and Child photography.  I also take some interesting assignments in anything related to photography. 

A Behind the Scenes sneak peek

I started this business venture in 2019, after working with it as a hobby for almost 5 years. My vision is to capture beautiful moments of people, so that these can be cherished as memories forever. 

I like interacting with people and also photography, in my business I get to combine these two interests of mine in a good way.

What makes it unique

I believe in taking pictures which brings out a different aspect of the person’s personality, so customisation is one of the factors I focus on with my clients. 

The styling and look of the photoshoot is customised based on the personality of the client and also on what style suits their needs. Many times, I have had clients which had a different idea about the shoot but ended up doing the whole thing in an entirely different setup. We have something for everyone. 

Customer's word

It’s been great. I have worked with many families and persons of different nationalities. I can proudly say that there has not been a single complaint about my work so far and I have a bunch of satisfied repeat clients as well. I got referred, word of mouth as well, which makes me very happy since it’s a testament of my good work, in its own.

Working in Sweden

There are certainly a lot of support which you get from the government and authorities when you start something on your own. There is a lot of flexibility and you can always start something part time. It gives you a lot of exposure to different processes and regulations.

However, language becomes a challenge when it comes to promoting your work as well as in tax & admin work. Learning Swedish is definitely going to help anyone who wants to start his/her own venture in Sweden.

Your business goals /wish list for the coming year(s)

I am looking forward to 2022, after the tough years of 2020 & 2021 due to Pandemic. I had a tough time finding studios or indoor spaces for my photoshoots due to pandemic rules and social distancing norms. I am working towards setting up my own studio, so that I can work with many more people and provide better customised packages to them, even during the winters, when it is difficult to do outdoor shoots.

Your association with Indians Tillsammans 

It’s been fantastic! I enjoyed my collaboration with Indian Tillsammans, first as a photographer of the Navratri event in 2019 and then as a prize sponsor in 2021. I couldn’t do the photoshoot in 2021 due to some personal reasons, but I am sure it would have been great fun as it was in 2019. It’s a great initiative which helps bringing the Indian community together in South Sweden and provides a good platform to people like me as well, in meeting many like minded persons to collaborate with.

Best wishes for 2022 from Vidhi:

And we are looking forward for many future collaborations with you Vidhi. Thank You!

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Compiled for Indians Tillsammans by Pallavi Panicker
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