11 Jan

Amidst the chaos, amidst the fun and amidst all our hopes - Indians Tillsammans has been privileged to have connected with people who have enriched our endeavours with their unending support and unique collaborations. As we enter 2022, we would like to take this opportunity to launch our new SPOTLIGHT series called C.O.N.N.E.C.T, where we showcase the person behind the name and the association. People who are dreamers and doers!

The doctor with a magic wand is what I'd like to call her. All heart and all brains - Dr. Richa Singh (Bhagat)! 

Our association with Richa dates all the way back to our first ever event in 2018 and it has blossomed ever since. She is a doctor by profession, so her brilliance cannot be disputed but more importantly she has an even kinder heart. Through her creativity and just by being present at all times, she has supported ALL Indians Tillsammans initiatives through thick and thin like a pillar of strength. Very recently, she led and took full charge of all the decor for our Indians Tillsammans Navratri 2021 event and it was resplendent and beauteous! Her personality brims positivity and it's contagious! We are honoured and proud to share her story with you on the Indians Tillsammans platform. 

I am...

Namaste to all from me Richa. I come from India( born and brought up in different places but basically from UP). I am a qualified  M.D physician from Russia having worked in India as well. I came to Helsingborg Sweden in March 2017 for few months of holidays and now it has become my second home.

Moving to Sweden

I first came to Sweden in 2012 and lived in Älmhult. It had small countryside feel to it. We returned in 2017 to Helsingborg. I was in holiday mood and the stay was not going to be long. Visiting Sweden and other nearby countries of Europe was my goal then. I have lived in other countries like Russia and England earlier but Sweden seemed simpler and laid back. Helsingborg particularly is a city with a small town feel. I have never liked the stress and chaos of a city, so Helsingborg was a pleasant surprise. Good presence of Indian community with events happening from time to time made it better and my second home. I have come across so many people from different walks of life and different culture here and it has been an enriching experience so far. Over here, the approach and attitude to find a solution is very different from my own country. But I am understanding about how these things have changed and developed over the years . It is quite interesting to understand how Sweden has a different approach from rest of the world. Concept of recycling, staying close to nature, being health conscious by walking, cycling etc., is what I appreciate here. But to act aggressively to treat an ailment before it gets worse, in my opinion needs to be worked on.

Entry barriers for experienced medical professionals

The process has been like a rollercoaster ride so far. Apart from the language even the approach in healthcare is different here. After completing the ground level Swedish I am currently enrolled in my final step of Swedish language proficiency. It is interesting to know that there is no hierarchy in healthcare here. A doctor might open a book or web link to refer for treatment protocols right in front of the patient which is a big No-No in other countries as far as I know😉. Learning the correct pronunciation is most important otherwise sometimes it changes the whole meaning of what you are trying to say 😉. It is unique in its own way but at the end of the day it is all about patient care and I am working towards getting in and understanding the system. Once you master the language, half the battle is won. We, Indians ,are great at reading at writing and learning the grammar by heart, but we must try to speak Swedish as much as possible keeping our inhibitions aside.

Loving the process...

I have always been keen to learn new languages, but learning it to get a license to practice as a doctor is another challenge in itself.  It's like being back in school and learning from "A" again.  But then there is no other way and it leads to frustration.  But then life is not a bed of roses.  So we move forward.  To break the monotony, I have committed myself to focusing on my well-being as well.  We can go through any challenge if we are strong both mentally and physically. Apart from working out, playing sports( badminton) and diet modifications I pursue my love for making  crafts especially from waste. It helps me to de-stress, refresh and recharge to keep going in full swing.

How do you  keep yourself motivated?

I have always believed that we should never let the child die in us. So, I dance like no one is watching and explore the unexplored corners within. We might fail but the process is a learning experience and the effort is worth it. I also live by these quotes:

 ” We only die once but we live everyday ”

"If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place."

Nora Roberts

New Year Message

Happy, courageous and purposeful 2022 to all of you. Live in the moment and make wonderful memories. Love yourself and love zindagi!

Compiled for Indians Tillsammans by Pallavi Panicker
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