17 Jan

Amidst the chaos, amidst the fun and amidst all our hopes - Indians Tillsammans has been privileged to have connected with people who have enriched our endeavours with their unending support and unique collaborations. As we enter 2022, we would like to take this opportunity to launch our new SPOTLIGHT series called C.O.N.N.E.C.T, where we showcase the person behind the name and the association. People who are dreamers and doers!

Our association with Monica dates back to 2018 when we organized our first Navratri event. A devotee of Goddess Durga, she prepared prasad for all the attendees - a magnanimous contribution! And that's how our association began. 

She also holds a special talent and has successfully met the demands and wishes of many South Asian women residing in Helsingborg and around the city. How so? Well, she owns a beauty salon and is a registered provider of beauty services especially - (drum rolllll please) - eyebrow threading! Moving to a new place comes with its pros and cons and if I may, I speak for the many here when I say - eyebrow threading was a necessity we missed and wished for (the most) :) !

Let's get to know her and the story behind her business venture which has successfully addressed a market gap and created a niche of its own within the Helsingborg community!

I am...

Hi Everyone! I am Monica Mirani also known as owner of Monica Beauty, Helsingborg. I am a social, fun-loving mom and a caring wife. I love to spend time in my salon and also enjoy travelling and going on long drives with my family. I have 2 girls and in our spare time we all love to go shopping together 😊. It has always been my dream and passion of owning my own salon, which came true in Sweden!

Moving to Sweden

I moved to Sweden with my husband in April 2016. It has been 5 years since and now Sweden has become our home. My husband got an assignment in Sweden, so we moved here with him with the aim to travel around and enjoy Europe. However, initially it was too cold but then slowly we got used to the climatic conditions and started having fun. It has been great to stay in Helsingborg as it is a small city. We always wanted to settle in a smaller place where you can live your life peacefully and I guess Helsingborg is the perfect place to do that!

About Monica Beauty

My business venture is an Indian Beauty Salon. The name is Monica Beauty. Soon after landed in Sweden, I was quick to realize that there is no good place to shape and trim eyebrows with threading, which is the most common way of doing eyebrows back in India. It surprised me! So I realized why not use my experience and background of a beauty salon! So I opened one here in Helsingborg with the aim to benefit women from the Indian community. I started it in Oct 2019 with the simple vision of giving the same Indian parlour experience to Indian women who are away from their homes.

The speciality of Monica Beauty

The biggest selling point about my venture is the experience  I bring of threading, which is not so common here in Sweden. Also, all the products are Indian so whatever service I provide in my parlour is with shudh (pure) 100% desi products. All the facials, waxing, henna, hair spa treatments products get couriered from India, so even the international diaspora living in Helsingborg can experience Indian beauty treatments here.

Customer's say...

Customer responses have been great. I started the salon thinking about serving women mostly from the Indian community but I was pleasantly surprised that now I have a few customers from the international community as well! They, especially love threading, Hair Spa, Mehndi, Hair Henna etc.They love it a lot and by the grace of god I have received lot of positive reviews with 5 ratings on my Facebook page and I want to keep going with all of your support.

Pros and Cons about starting your own business in Sweden

Pros – You can decide the timings of the business, how to serve the customers and can maintain good quality of the services that you provide.

Cons – I guess sometimes it becomes financially very challenging as VAT and taxes are high. Along with that we have to pay courier charges, import custom duties for all the products which are high too!

Your business goals and wish list for 2022 and beyond

My business goal and wish list for coming years is to have a bigger store-like setup for my salon instead of working from a room at my home. With all your support I am sure it will be possible one day for me.

Your association with Indians Tillsammans

My association with Indian Tillsammans goes all the way back to 2018. It has been wonderful being part of the activities and festivities celebrated by Indian Tillsammans. I hope it grows further and we can have more of them like Diwali function along with Navratri so the kids can get a chance to present their talent in Dancing and Singing as well.

New Year Message

Happy New year to everyone! It has been difficult 2 years for everyone, but we will come through it. May God bless everyone with health, wealth and fulfill wishes. Keep smiling always!

You can connect with Monica on her Facebook Page linked below:

Monica Beauty, Helsingborg

Compiled for Indians Tillsammans by Pallavi Panicker
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