06 Mar

If music is the food of love, play on - William Shakespeare.

...Music is the food of love, solace for the soul and an essential emotion that binds Indians with diverse values and belief systems together. And it is of no surprise that it continues to do so here - within our Indian community of Helsingborg. The one person who has been at the forefront, melodiously carrying on the Indian tradition of Carnatic music is Indira. She has nurtured this revered art form through the years and graciously continues to share her vast knowledge of music with many of our little tots and music aficionados . Make no mistake, it hasn’t been easy but despite all odds, she relentlessly continues to encourage learning this complex form of art in a simplistic manner. In the truest sense, she has been an inspiring cultural ambassador.

To celebrate womanhood that is symbolic of tradition, profound knowledge and resolve - put your hands together for Indira Pamidi.

I am Indira, from Andhra Pradesh. I have spent most of my childhood in Hyderabad and Guntur. I studied Masters in Statistics from Nagarjuna University. I worked as a data analyst in TNS India (ORSC) for 2 years and later worked as a statistical analyst/freelance data analyst for  4 years. I married my husband, Seshu Pamidi, in 2008 and we have two naughty kids Siddu and Sudhanva. We moved to Sweden in March 2017 for my husband’s work assignment with IKEA.

Finding her passion...

I was always passionate about learning music and actively participated in different music competitions through school, university and also music programs. I began by learning Veena at the age of 12. A year later when my teacher moved to another place, I was really disappointed. In a small town it was difficult to find a teacher to continue learning the Veena, but in that search, after two years I came across a teacher who taught Carnatic classical vocals. That is when I embarked upon this new journey of Indian Carnatic music and became it’s lifelong student. 

The Beauty of Carnatic Music...

With Music, I always found a lot of peace and happiness - an unmatched experience that everyone should experience in their lifetime. Many Indians want to learn Carnatic music but some find the language as a barrier and some others find it complicated. My take on it is that Carnatic music is based on mathematics and sound logic, once you understand that, you can simplify your learning and even create your own ragas. Ragas improve concentration levels and every raga has a curative nature that can cure ailments.

Learning music keeps us close to our culture and our tradition. I started teaching music as a hobby. If I can motivate future generations to walk towards the path of music, I will regard that itself as a success. It doesn’t matter whether they are learning from me or someone else. If I put that music seed inside them, it can grow wherever it feels comfortable. 

About her Swedish experience...

Here in Sweden there are many organisations that encourage arts and provide a large platform to exhibit our talent in many ways.

Message for all Women...

Every woman has a lot of responsibility and duties to fulfill everyday.  A woman works without a break but remember that each one of you has some talent. Give time to yourself and give value to your passion too. Whether you are a homemaker or an employed professional, you are always a working woman.

Editors Note: Those of you interested to witness some musical magic, Indira will be organizing the first virtual Carnatic Music concert in Helsingborg on 7th March 2021. You can find more information below.

Written by: Pallavi Panicker for Indians Tillsammans
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